AIA Connecticut 2017 Alice Washburn Award

This AIA CT Award is for a residence that employs thoughtful adatptions of tradional building forms to a modern home.


AIA Connecticut 2017 Business Architecture Award
Honorable Mention

This AIA CT Award acknowledges a project for enhancing the built environment and achieving business goals.

Spring 2012

On Lake Q. View
River & Shores Coastal Homes

This home nestled into the side of a hill uses an open-floor plan, porches and terrace to connect with the lake.

Autumn 2011

The Enlighted View
River & Shores Coastal Homes

The proper siting of this shoreline house optimizes both the beauty of the propery and enhances the owner's lifestyle.

October 2011

Rising Star
New England Home

On a virtual stone pedestal this home overlooks Long Island Sound and the Thimble Islands.

Summer 2011

Not Far from the Ancestral Home
River & Shores Coastal Homes

A 1970s cape is transformed into a new light-filled ancestral home that showcases the family's heirlooms.

Fall 2010

River & Shores Coastal Homes

The magic and light of this harborside locations are emphasized in this contemporary shingle-style home.

Late Summer 2008

Beach House Revival
River & Shore

An inspired summer cottage preservation preserves family memories and its historic Victorian charm.

November 2007

On the Inside Looking Out
New Haven Magazine

A new shingle-style home that expresses the character of landscape and client.


AIA Connecticut 2006 Alice Washburn Award
Honorable Mention

This AIA CT Award is for an accessory structure that both enhances the Connecticut landscape and honors historic reference.


AIA Connecticut 2004 Alice Washburn Award

This AIA CT Award is for a modern house that honors historic reference.


Building a "Wow" House
Connecticut Magazine

Modern living mixes with historic reference in this award-winning Gothic Revival style home.


Updating Classic America Colonials
Project: Two if by Sea
Tauton Press

Hasty additions and are age are remade into "new forms" reviving this building and its relationship to the water.


Porch Song Trilogy
Connecticut Magazine

A wraparound porch and front portico link this home to its history and shorline views.