An elegant city street with a decaying house represented an opportunity to lift the house to its rightful state of grace, revitalize a good address, personalize the house and contribute to its history.

This badly neglected house was full of native potential. Alterations to the layout were handled in sympathy to the house’s character. Internally, new windows, combined with a second-story expansion, redefined a previous, badly finished addition. We gave new energy to the house as a whole, with a new master suite, a new kitchen, family dining room and a small den that enjoys an enveloping view into the renovated garden.

Whether with intensive or light efforts, each space in the house was considered and integrated into the family’s plan for their new home. The rear yard underwent a landscaped reshaping, incorporating old plantings into a new scheme. A garage was renovated, an auto court developed, and a formal garden created as a visual extension of the living room interior. A pleasant surround to a new terrace completed the picture.

The cumulative efforts of this thorough reworking resulted in an elegant home. Both functional and inspiring, it is a unique combination of old and new. It’s also a satisfying reward for the owner’s good efforts in the collaboration.