During politically uncertain times, a couple decided to leave their homeland, settling on the Connecticut shoreline.

They wished to build a house on a unique piece of property, then hidden by overgrowth, but surrounded by beautiful marshland. I was inspired by their desire for this new homestead to reflect and express both past and new lives.

The solution was a marriage between New England and Eastern Mediterranean themes. The New England pallette uses traditional forms with prominent rooflines and the simple vernacular of Craftsman Style. This base was synthesized with an Eastern Mediterranean palette, combining flavors from the city of Beirut, mountain villas that her father (an architect) had built, and a family village.

The result included a separation of formal and family areas, spaced apart like wings tied together by a family kitchen, forming a courtyardlike terrace. All is with a view to their peninsular-shaped property with its beautiful surrounds and the distant horizon of the Sound.

It is a successful marriage.